About Us

We are located in Singapore and possessed 30 years of working experience with the following Simatic Industrial Automation Systems from Siemens:


Simatic S5 PLC
   - CPU includes the 115U, 135U and 155U
   - Programming language Step 5 STL, LAD and FBD


Simatic S7 PLC
   - CPU includes the S7-300, S7-400 and S7-400F/H
   - Programming language Step 7 STL, LAD and FBD.
   - S7-SCL
   - S7-CFC
   - S7-SFC


Simatic TDC Automation System
   - CPU includes CPU550 / CPU551 / CPU555
   - Programming Language with D7-SYS
   - TDC-CFC
   - TDC-SFC


Simatic HMI
   - Simatic ProTool
   - Simatic WinCC Flexible
   - Simatic WinCC Server/Client and Redundant Server


Simatic Distributed I/Os
- ET200M, ET200S
- Profibus
- COM Profibus
- Profinet


Simatic PCS 7 Process Control System
   - Simatic Manager
   - Simatic S7-400 modular automation systems
   - CFC (Continuous Function Chart)
   - SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
   - Process Control Libraries
   - Advanced Process Libraries
   - Multiproject Engineering
   - Simatic PDM
   - Simatic Single user system
   - Multiple station system with client/server
   - Simatic WinCC
   - Simatic NET – Industrial Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus

Mainly involved with projects in the Steel Mill Industries, Wafer Fabrication FCMS, Pharmaceutical Industries and other general automation plants.